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Informational Flyers for ARORP Projects  |  Prepare to Apply for Funding

Funding opportunities through ARORP are ongoing, and therefore do not have submission deadlines. For more information about programs ARORP will support, please look at our use of funding guidelines: Exhibit E. Additional funding guidelines are listed below.


ARORP Funding Guidelines

Project funding proposals submitted to the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. A proposal submitted by any person or entity other than the Partnership Director shall include a letter or letters of support signed by the county judge of each county to be served by the proposal, and the mayor of each first-class city to be served by the proposal.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain the necessary signatures of county and city support. 
  2. A proposal should demonstrate evidence-based strategies to abate the opioid epidemic in Arkansas, in a manner consistent with approved purposes as defined in the Arkansas Opioids MOU, settlement agreements, and court orders approving settlements and bankruptcies.
  3. A proposal should address the guiding principles of the Partnership outlined above, with honest and candid analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the proposal considering the guiding principles.
  4. A proposal should be designed to treat, prevent, and reduce opioid use disorder and the misuse of opioids or otherwise abate or remediate the opioid epidemic.  Each proposal should discuss and demonstrate this nexus.
  5. A proposal should include suggested data and benchmarks/milestones to assist with evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposal if approved.  
  6. A proposal should include a sustainment plan for continuation of the proposal after proposed funding from the Partnership.
  7. The Partnership may require outcome-related data from any entity that receives abatement funds.
  8. The Partnership may require a proposal to achieve benchmarks/milestones as a condition of ongoing funding.  Project funding is not guaranteed and may be dependent on completion of deliverables and reporting.  Noncompliance with state or federal law, noncompliance with guidelines, or noncompliance with project benchmarks/milestones, may result in funding termination.
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