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A list of all approved projects. Let's turn Arkansas purple!

Project Number Project Title Org. Name County Funding Amount Naloxone Amount
ARORP23-099 CHI St. Vincent HERO CHI St. Vincent Pulaski County $5,700.00
ARORP23-087 Sharing Hope HERO Expansion Sharing Hope Through Lived Experience Ministries Inc. Cleburne County $23,940.00
ARORP23-090 John 3:17 Ministries John 3:17 Ministries Jackson County $47,880.00
ARORP23-080 First NLR HERO First NLR Care & Recovery Pulaski County $5,700.00
ARORP23-091 Kraft Packaging HERO AR Kraft Green Bay Packaging Inc. Conway County $5,700.00
ARORP23-084 Renewal Ranch HERO Renewal Ranch Conway County $23,940.00
ARORP23-082 Mitchell’s Park HERO Mitchell's Park St. Pharmacy Izard County $13,680.00
ARORP23-081 TOUCH Coalition Hero Touch Coalition Union County $26,220.00
ARORP23-057 Ouachita BHW HERO Ouachita Behavioral Health & Wellness Garland County $11,400.00
ARORP23-024 Peer Recovery Western Arkansas Counseling & Guidance Center Logan County $104,736.00
Funding Totals: $7,652,398.00 $664,050.00

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