Applicant Information

Types of Applications

There are several categories of proposals you can submit. The general proposal allows you to submit any project related to opioid prevention, treatment, and recovery. We want you to assess your community’s needs, then develop a project that addresses those needs. Apply to be a naloxone community hero to bring naloxone and training on its use to families in your community. (Please note that naloxone from ARORP cannot be distributed or sold to first responders or harm reduction groups.) Community coalitions can apply for extra training through CADCA with a coalition partnership empowerment proposal. If you are in law enforcement, the overdose response team application can improve your agency’s response to overdose. Rural hospitals can apply to the Life Care Specialist proposal, open till April 19, 2024, to hire two Life Care Specialists for their organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership?

Arkansas governments (the state, counties and cities) began receiving settlement funding from opioid manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in 2022, and Arkansas governments will continue receiving settlement funding for over a decade. In Arkansas, opioid settlement funding is split evenly among Arkansas cities (1/3), counties (1/3), and the state (1/3). The cities (represented by the Arkansas Municipal League) and the counties (represented by Association of Arkansas Counties) came together to create the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership to administer and distribute the counties’ and cities’ settlement funding for opioid prevention, treatment, and recovery projects that will abate the opioid epidemic in Arkansas counties and cities.

What are the funding requirements?

The funding must be used for projects in opioid prevention, treatment, and recovery. The money is not meant to replace or supplant existing funding. More specific guidelines are provided at Exhibit E, found at, specifies exactly how settlement funds must be used. The ARORP Advisory Board will use Exhibit E to evaluate your proposal.

Should I hire a grant writer?

No, applications are designed to be user-friendly.

What are the deadlines to apply?

The Life Care Specialist application is due April 19th, 2024. None of our other active applications have a deadline.

Is there a limit to the number of applications you can submit?

There is no limit to the amount of applications an organization can submit. The funding will be available for over a decade, so we encourage you to give each project the attention and focus it needs to be successful.

Can multiple projects be funded in a single city or county?

Yes, multiple projects may be funded in a single city or county.

Can you use the same signature sheets for different projects?

No. Each time you apply for a project, you will need to present it before your mayor(s) and county judge(s).

What materials do you need to submit if you intend to purchase/remodel/expand property?

  • Appraisal
  • Proof of financial success
  • Support/recommendation letters
  • Verification that the property is zoned for your intended purpose
  • Verification that the property can support your projected number of participants (sewage, electric)
  • Photos of property underwriter’s review (this is your insurance)
  • Sketch of the building you intend to purchase, build, or remodel
  • Seller property disclosure
  • Licensures or Certifications
  • Functional job description of staff allocated to the project
  • Please be sure to adopt the NARR Standards (National Alliance of Recovery Residences) if you plan to offer recovery housing.
  • Any other supporting documents you would like to send. If you have additional items to upload, please send them to
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