Quarterly & Annual Reporting

ARORP Reporting Tools and Instructions

Congratulations on receiving ARORP funding! Think of your application as a contract with ARORP. When you accept funding, you agree to complete what you proposed in your application. The reporting and evaluation team has two goals:

    • Collect quarterly data on the impact your project has made in abating the opioid epidemic.
    • See that you completed everything listed in your proposal.

ARORP Reporting Instructions

ARORP Project Milestones

At the start of each project, ARORP will develop a set of quarterly milestones for your project. These are created based on the application you submitted. Usually, there are between 3-10 simple milestones per quarter. They are the bare minimum requirements you must complete to stay in compliance with ARORP funding. Your milestones also provide you with a project timeline and reporting due dates. 

What is included in your report?

  • There are three main components to your reporting:
    • Update on Project Milestones – Each project will provide a short narrative (who, what, when, where, and why) on the progress of each milestone. For example, if your milestone was “Hire a peer” your update will be “Hired Jane Doe, a peer-in-training, on 1/1/25.” If you have a COPE, ORT, or HERO project, your milestones will be preloaded into Redcap. If you have a direct or general project, you will complete  this template and upload it into Redcap.
    • Annotated Budget – Each project, besides naloxone hero projects, will upload an annotated budget using this template. Naloxone hero projects will not submit an annotated budget. Keep track of all receipts as these will be requested at your projects annual review.
    • Project Impact Data – Each project will keep track of their impact’s impact, then submit that data through the Redcap forms provided. ARORP has specific metrics we would like each project to measure. Find which those metrics by looking at the Redcap forms your project will receive, and preview those forms below.

How will you submit your report?

  • A month before your quarterly report is due, you will receive an email from ARORP with access codes to your Redcap quarterly reporting forms. There is no log in to Redcap. These codes and links will bring you to the forms you need to complete. 
  • These codes can be used one-time, and they cannot be shared. 
  • Please complete all forms sent to you. Projects receive between 3 and 7 forms.
  • All reporting items will be submitted through these forms.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you receive your Redcap access codes by email before your quarterly report is due. If you do not receive the links, then email arorpreporting@gmail.com

How often will you report?

Every project will submit quarterly reports to ARORP throughout the duration of their project or promissory note. Due dates are listed in the project milestones provided by ARORP. 

Your first “quarter” is the first three months of your project with ARORP regardless of where the project’s timeline falls in the calendar year.

    • For example, if your project started June 1, your first quarter will include June, July, and August. 

Quick Links: Reporting Tools and Templates

Reporting Technical Assistance

On Fridays from 10am to 12pm, ARORP will host pop-in “office hours” on Zoom to go through any reporting concerns. Email jspence@arorp.org for the link. Email arorpreporting@gmail.com at any time with reporting questions or concerns.

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