Sharp County receives settlement dollars to battle opioid use

SHARP COUNTY, Ark (KAIT) – A Northeast Arkansas Sheriff’s Office received thousands of dollars to help fight the opioid crisis.

Sharp County Sheriff Shane Russell said his department was awarded $341,390.32 from the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership.

The funding will be used to hire an opioid investigator and a peer recovery specialist.

Sheriff Shane Russell said it’s something the county has needed for some time.

“It’s needed everywhere. Opioid addiction is very prevalent, and it’s a horrible thing,” Sheriff Russell explained.

Work has already begun to hire the two positions and get the program off the ground.

“We will be interviewing folks for these positions, and once we get that started, it’ll grow from there,” Russell added.

The two new positions will be able to work with other agencies than just the sheriff’s office to try and put a stop to opioid abuse in the county.

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