Renewal Ranch receives largest funding amount in program history

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Faulkner County-based Renewal Ranch has received over $2 million in opioid settlement funds from the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership (ARORP), the faith-based residential addiction recovery program announced in a news release on Monday.

The $2.1 million reward is the largest funding amount Renewal Ranch has ever received and will go towards the construction of a new building on the program’s 138-acre campus.

“We are humbled and grateful to the ARORP team of Kirk Lane, Tenesha Barnes, Joy Spence and the ARORP Advisory Board for this opportunity as Renewal Ranch continues the front line battle against opioid addiction in Arkansas,” program Executive Director James A. Loy said, per the news release. “This is a historic benchmark in our history.”

Renewal Ranch’s latest building expansion is known as the “Restoring Lives Phase One Housing Construction Project,” the news release read. The proposed building, nearly 6,800 square feet, will include “a sitting area, kitchen, dining area and two community baths and laundry rooms.” Construction is expected to begin in 2024.

“Most importantly, it provides bedrooms for an additional 40 Phase One residents,” the news release read. “The award also covers salary for two campus supervisors, or peer support specialists, for a year and a subscription to Apricot case management software.”

Renewal Ranch leaders expect the ARORP award to allow the program to service over 225 men and 750 family members annually. Lane said the ARORP’s partnership with Renewal Ranch “is a full step forward in a positive resolve,” the news release read.

“The Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership recognizes the urgency of the need to abate the opioid issues in our cities and counties,” Lane said. “Only together will we beat this monster that preys upon our faith and our families.

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