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A list of all approved projects. Let's turn Arkansas purple!

Project Number Project Title Org. Name County Funding Amount Naloxone Amount
ARORP23-044 UAMS Northwest AR: Naloxone Hero UAMS Northwest AR Baxter County $14,250.00
ARORP23-021 Craighead Sheriff’s Overdose Response Team Craighead County Sheriff's Department Craighead County $339,426.20
ARORP23-041 Haynes Village Naloxone Hero Haynes Village Lee County $5,700.00
ARORP23-040 Western AR Guidance Naloxone Hero Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center Sebastian County $47,880.00 $47,878.00
ARORP23-038 UAMS Central AR: Naloxone Hero UAMS Crisis Stabilization Unit Grant County $14,250.00 $47,310.00
ARORP23-037 Harbor House Naloxone Hero Harbor House Crawford County $57,000.00 $56,998.00
ARORP23-032 Exodus.Life Naloxone Hero Exodus.Life Jefferson County $14,250.00 $14,250.00
ARORP23-031 Sharing Hope Naloxone Hero Sharing Hope Through Lived Experience Ministries Inc. Independence County $9,690.00 $9,689.00
ARORP22-012 You Are Not Alone Hope Movement Coalition Statewide $1,011,030.00
ARORP22-018 Izard County ORT Naloxone Hero Izard County ORT Izard County $15,390.00 $15,390.00
Funding Totals: $4,551,935.12 $374,335.00

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