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A list of all approved projects. Let's turn Arkansas purple!

Project Number Project Title Org. Name County Funding Amount Naloxone Amount
ARORP23-076 DAAF Youth Coalition DAAF Youth Coalition Ashley County $25,000.00
ARORP23-074 Succeeding in Success Inc. Succeeding in Success Inc. Desha County $25,000.00
ARORP23-073 Healing in the Hood Inc. Healing in the Hood Inc. Mississippi County $25,000.00
ARORP23-072 Madison County Health Coalition Madison County Health Coalition Madison County $25,000.00
ARORP23-071 The Harvest House The Harvest House Clark County $25,000.00
ARORP23-068 Bridging the Gaps Bridging the Gaps Miller County $25,000.00
ARORP23-067 Greene County Coalition Greene County Mental Health and Substance Abuse Coalition Greene County $25,000.00
ARORP23-066 Hometown Health Newton County Hometown Health Coalition Newton County $25,000.00
ARORP23-065 PAYS Coalition PAYS Coalition Baxter County $25,000.00
ARORP23-064 Hometown Health Carroll County Hometown Health Coalition Carroll County $25,000.00
Funding Totals: $7,652,398.00 $664,050.00

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