ReviveAR app launched to battle opioid problem

Feb 24, 2024 | Original Article by Jonesboro Sun

JONESBORO — Representatives of the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership (ARORP) and several local leaders met on Thursday afternoon at Jonesboro City Hall to announce the launch of the ReviveAR app, which is intended to serve as a comprehensive prevention, treatment and recovery resource for Arkansas residents.

The ReviveAR app, which is now available for download from the Google and Apple app stores, was designed to assist with the prevention and treatment of opioid abuse in Arkansas.

According to a press release from the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership, the ReviveAR app serves as a resource for community members, offering a variety of features as users can learn how to identify a drug overdose and how to administer Naloxone, access resources for overdose prevention, recovery and family support; as well as, locations across Arkansas for Drug Take Back disposals in order to safely dispose of unused or expired drugs.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Copenhaver opened by stating the importance of cooperation between the state and it’s counties and cities as they work together to abate the opioid crisis that faces the State of Arkansas.

“You know, this has a deadly impact in our communities all across the state of Arkansas,” Copenhaver said. “And with that in mind, I’m proud that Revive Arkansas is here.”

“This program partners with the Arkansas Municipal League and Association of Counties to administer opioid abatement funding,” he said as he introduced Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership Director Kirk Lane, noting Lane’s experience as the state drug director from 2017 to 2022 under former-Governor Asa Hutchinson and his 33 years of experience in law enforcement.

Lane noted on Thursday that the Arkansas Municipal League and the Association of Arkansas Counties had came together about seven years ago and filed litigation against “Big Pharma” for the devastation opioids had caused not only in Arkansas but in the nation, which had led to settlement dollars.

“They found the pathway to develop the Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership to get the money out the door because there was an urgency to really help people because people were dying and people were suffering from the epidemic,” Lane said.

“One of the missions that we had was to be as transparent as we can because we’re spending the people’s money, the citizens’ money that came in through county judges and mayors throughout Arkansas,” Lane said.

“We realize that people are alone in this process, and because they’re alone in this process, they need help because of the stigma that surrounds opioids or a substance use disorder,” he continued.

“The number of drug overdose deaths are rising at a rapid rate in Arkansas, and opioid overdoses account for more than half of them,” Lane said, noting that 300 people die of an opioid use disorder every day in the United States.

According to ARORP, 18 people died from substance misuse in Craighead County in 2023.

Second Judicial Drug Task Force Commander Chad Henson said that, on average, there are about two overdoses every day within the six counties that the Second Judicial Drug Task Force serves and one of those overdoes each week results in a death.

“This epidemic is on our doorstep,” Henson stated. “It is within our family and, unfortunately, these opioids, this fentanyl, is not just a stand alone drug. We’re finding it in methamphetamine. We’re finding it in marijuana. We’re finding it in cocaine. We’re finding it in liquid form. We find it everywhere.”

“So I challenge everybody just don’t think this this is a drug problem,” he urged. “This is a family problem. This is a school problem. This is a big problem for our community. This app is one of the first steps you can take to preemptively help solve it.”

The press conference also included other speakers including Craighead County Judge Marvin Day, Owner and Executive Director for NEA Divine Intervention Shalinda Woolbright and ARORP Deputy Director Tenesha Barnes.

The Arkansas Opioid Recovery Partnership oversees the strategic disbursement of opioid settlement dollars at the city and county levels and works to reduce overdose deaths through prevention, treatment, enforcement and recovery. ARORP’s message is simple: be bold, stand together and commit to abating opioid misuse and addiction in Arkansas.

To learn more about ARORP’s mission and submit a request for funding or for more information on how to navigate the ReviveAR app, visit

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